How to Sell Car Parts on eBay

In the wake of purchasing a 1992 SC400 to get its suspension for reestablishing an alternate car, Murilee Martin set out to make his cash back by separating out the 20-year-old extravagance car. Right now, he sells parts on eBay to see whether it’s conceivable to win out over the competition.

Separating Out Part 4: How to Sell Car Parts on eBay

In Part 1, we purchased a $1000 1992 Lexus SC400 as a task car suspension contributor. In Part 2, we dismantled the car and separated every one of the parts that may merit selling. Section 3 saw the start of the Great SC400 Sell-Off, with scrap-metal and Craigslist deals. The biggest single wellspring of cash from the SC400 part-out task, however, originated from deals on eBay Motors. Here’s the way that piece of the procedure went.

I hauled home three carloads of SC400 parts during the dissection procedure, totaling great more than 100 parts that I figured I may have the option to sell on the world’s greatest online closeout webpage. I did some triage and got down to maybe 80 parts that I felt ready to list on eBay.

I see myself as a genuinely experienced eBay dealer. My input rating is well more than 1000, and I sold my first things there route in 1999. At the point when the website blast finished a couple of years after the fact, I made arrangements with a few of my used car parts-storing companions: I sell your stuff on eBay, I keep a large portion of the take. I sold in excess of 500 car parts during 2002 and 2003, going from $3 proprietor’s manuals to a $1200 mint-condition huge square Ford Toploader.

To start with, I sorted out the parts onto racks, discarding whatever indicated harm I’d missed during dismantling of the Lexus.

used car parts

The absolute most significant piece of assembling an eBay posting is getting acceptable photos of your things. You need heaps of lighting, the camera on a tripod, and a nonpartisan foundation for the shots with the goal that potential bidders can perceive any imperfections in the stuff you’re selling before they offer on anything. I used a sheet-shrouded card table lit up with a lot of brace on lights.

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